Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

What is baby bottle tooth decay?

When an infant or small child develops several cavities, usually on the top front teeth, it is called baby bottle tooth decay. These cavities may look like dark pits, holes, or broken teeth and may cause toothaches and make it hard for the child to eat.

What causes baby bottle tooth decay?

It happens when liquids that contain sugar are left in a baby's mouth for long or frequent periods of time. Even breast mile and formula contain sugar.

How can I protect my child's teeth?

Your child should NOT go to bed with a breast, bottle filled with milk, formula, juice or sweetened drink.
If your child must have a bottle to fall asleep, fill it with plain water. Clean your child's teeth/mouth with a clean washcloth or soft infant toothbrush before bedtime.

Are baby teeth important?

Baby teeth are important for chewing food and speaking properly. They also five your child a nice appearance and help to promote a good self image. If they are lost too early, the permanent teeth can come in crowded or out of alignment.

Be sure your child visits a dentist before 2 years of age. Early efforts are the key to your child's future dental health!

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