Our kids enjoy going to the dentist! This is the best DDS practice! Thank you Dr Becky & awesome Giggles and Grins staff! We appreciate all you do! ❤️ 

-Mama Bird  February, 2019

Fantastic staff and great atmosphere! They really go out of their way to make the dentist a great experience for the kids. After my daughters appointment was finished she was able to go play while we discussed the visit with Dr Becky. To me that was amazing, because I know all too well how difficult it can be to have a discussion with a doctor while trying to wrangle little ones. My daughter even received a hand written note from Dr Becky in the mail a few days after her visit! I’m just so impressed with everything about Giggles and Grins! Definitely recommend!
-Kelly December, 2018

My daughter's love coming to the dentist! Dr. Becky and her staff are so kind and gentle! From the front desk to the chair, we have never had a bad experience here. The office is clean, and welcoming for patients and parents. I would recommend Giggles and Grins over and over!

-Kristy November, 2018

Thank you Dr. Becky and staff! My son is just two but he broke his tooth and Dr. Becky quickly fit us in for a consultation. I’m just so happy with how warm and friendly this office is and my son was well-cared for. Everyone was patient and caring.                    - Sharlene November, 2018

Thank you Dr. Kucera and Staff!  This was my 2 yr. old daughter's first visit.  She was not so cooperative, but they were great at helping to calm her down and clean her teeth anyway.  I recommend Giggles and Grins for all children!

-Angie May, 2018

Big thank you to Dr. Kucera for providing my son with the most gentle care during his dental surgery of crowns, fillings and extractions.  I'm being grateful for making this procedure so smoothly even though I was quite emotional about it all.  He truly was a brave soldier!  Just hours after he was grinning with minimal pain. Thank You!

-Diana April 2018

We love Dr. Becky and her support staff!  Very professional and thorough service!

-Carrie M. April 2-18

I brought my son to see Dr. Kucera for his first ever dental appointment today. The entire staff was very friendly and helpful, and they went above and beyond to make sure he was comfortable. We will definitely be back!

-Tayler August 2017 

Dr. Becky, hygienist Alicia and unfortunately I did not catch the office managers names but they were all fantastic! It was my daughters first appointment for her check up and cleaning. They made me feel comfortable and my daughter. They had
tons of toys in the waiting room and the back room that my daughter loved. Dr. Becky and Alicia explained everything to
my daughter in ways she would understand at age 2 and explained everything to me as well. The office was clean and
tidy. It was an awesome visit and a great experience for my daughter and myself.
Even calling to schedule the appointment was easy and we had no wait time once we walked in. I'd definitely
recommend Dr. Becky and her staff.

-Lauren M. May 17, 2017 

Dr. Becky along with the rest of the staff are

-Kristy May 11, 2017

So sweet! My kid actually cries when we have to leave the dentist office!! Dr. Becky is the best!

-Marie W.

OMG my little ones first visit ever to the dentist and let me tell you I was so shocked at how well she did! The staff and Dr Kucera were so wonderful! Just the way they explained it to my little one so she understood everything that was going on just melted my heart! We dont even get this treatment at the doctors! Totally shocked and so appreciative for everyone that made her first trip amazing. Thank you!!!!!!!

-Autumn G. April 2017

The whole staff is amazing!!! I absolutely love Dr. Becky. She really makes your kids feel as comfortable as possible. They have a great waiting room where kids are completely entertained until they are called and then even laying down in the chairs they have TV's mounted to the ceiling so your kid can watch a cartoon as she works on their mouth. You can evern bring your own DVD and they will play it.

-Suzanne V. March 2017

Dr. Becky is amazing. Alicia the hygienist is amazing as well. My daughter who is usually nervous of doctors felt completely relaxed. She asked me if she could return the following day. They answered all my questions and provided me with a lot of information. I'm so happy we found such a great place

-Dina H. March 2017

Dr Becky, your patience and kindness was incredible! You worked with my oversensitive daughter today and did an incredible job. You are wonderful at what you do! Not too may people with that kind of joy in what they do. Thank you for everything. My little girl and I are appreciative and grateful.

-KDS February 2017

The very best for all three of my girls! They love going, and it's so fast so I love it too!

-Bethany V. February 2017

We've been coming here since she opened her practice! Can't say enough positive things about the office! Professional and kid friendly! I just wish Dr. Becky would work on the parents' teeth, too!

-Melissa C. January 2017

I can't even describe how awesome Dr. Becky's office is! But the best part to me is that she takes it very seriously, my daughter is only 3 yet she gives me great advice & gives me a nice overview at each appt. She's realistic on what to expect and I think that helps everyone in the long run. She soesnt sugar coat things, yet shes's empathetic when explaining.

-Rachael M.

Very professional! I'm impressed with the level of personal care and flexibility of methods to accomplish the goal of the visit. They shared knowledge in a way that was non-judgemental and also took the time to explain the whys behind it so I would remember better. My children definiteley responded to the investment in their well-being, too-in fact, my husband and I just looked at each other in disbelief and asked "Whose children are these?" Great job, ladies!


My daughter loves to go see Dr. Becky! The staff are so sweet and the office is so nice full of toys, my daughter loves going there

Dr. Becky and her staff were amazing! I took my almost three year old for her first dentist visit and she did amazing and wasn't afraid one bit. They are super friendly and made it a wonderful and fun experience for her. Loved the fact that they had so many fun areas for the kids too play and my daughter really enjoyed watching tv while getting her teeth cleaned. I highly recommend going there!
-Mia W.

My daughter loves Dr. Kucera and her staff! Dr. Kucera did an excellent job identifying a tooth that was not coming in correctly. She also completed a difficult extraction all while making sure that my daughter was comfortable. I am passing the word everywhere that i can on Dr. Kucera's excellence in dentistry and compassion for the pediatric patients that visit her practice!
-Stephanie R.

DR. Becky is AMAZING! This was our first visit and she definitely made a fun, memorable experience for both boys (almost 5yr & 2yrs!) Boths boys are already asking to go back and we were just there this morning! I personally loved how friendly the staff is and how there is a playroom directly next to the cleaning room which made my life easier..one kid played while the other was getting their teeth cleaned. Happy and less stressed mommy!!! Thank you! !!
-Jenn H

Today was my daughter's first ever dental exam(she is over a year old) and based on reviews I deiced to give Giggles and Grins a try. I couldn't have been more impressed!!!! Doctor Becky and the staff were very friendly and informative. They were all great with my daughter and answering any of my questions. I highly recommend her!!!
-Keli F

"if you guys need a dentist for kiddos, Dr. Becky is amazing! Such a great practice."

-Jennifer L.

Thank you so much Dr. Becky and wonderful staff !!!


I am so pleased to have found Dr Becky as our pediatric dentist. She did an amazing job with my 2 children ages 3 and 4. Her office staff is wonderful and friendly. Would highly recommend her.

-Catherine F.

Thanks Dr. Becky! They love to see you and come to your office! Thanks for such a great experience!

-Katie L.

Noah is so proud of himself-and talks about "his dentist office". Thank you!!!

-Krista W.

First appointment with my two boys today, one of which has special needs. Dr. Kucera and staff were AMAZING!! He tolerated his cleaning great! Not to mention my two year old keeps saying "I wana go back to the dentist!!!" Lol!!! Finally found my peds dentistry home.

-Helai G.

Wonderful staff! Dr. Becky did wonderful with my daughter's first visit! Highly recommended!!

-Jillian L.

Great place! Calmed my crying four year old. Super kid friendly. Very happy with our new dentist.

-Karie H

I just had the best experience at this practice. Not only was the staff incredibly friendly and helpful (with my handful of a two year old and three month old) But Dr. Becky was just awesome with my daughter, and she is a baby whisperer! I would recommend this practice to anyone who appreciates a talented dentist and a stellar staff. I wish they took adults.

-Manda G.

Great dentist! Love the whole office very kid friendly and interactive. Staff is friendly. Very nurturing dentist. Great with my special needs child. My kids can't wait to go back to choose the next flavor of toothpaste. Chocolate, birthday cake, bubble gum!

-Heather L.

"Thank you for a wonderful dental experience. My kids could not stop complimenting the staff!"

-R. Thompson 2/2/15

Bryson and Makenzie had a great visit with Dr. Becky! Thanks for making a visit to the dentist a fun experience.


Dr. Becky and her staff are amazing. My kids love going to the dentist.

-Holly B.

Thanks for making Ava's first dentist visit such a great experience! She couldn't stop talking about it all day!

-Kelly A.

Can't say enough good things about this place or Dr. Becky. The staff has truly thought of everything in making this a fun place for kids to be. My daughter loved the TV mounted on the exam room ceiling, the toys in the (TWO) playrooms and the "No Cavity Wall." I loved that Dr Becky was gentle and personable with my daughter, that she let me sit right next to my daughter during her cleaning and that she took the time to explain both my daughter's current and future dental health needs. We will come back again and again!

-Sarah G.

Can't say enough great things about them....Rebecca is very warm and welcoming just like her mother Rachel...very kid friendly

-Monica K.

My daughter had an accident and Giggles and Grins got us in right away. Everyone is so nice here and my daughter loved her first trip to the dentist even with it being with such bad circumstances. We will definitely be making them a permanent fixture with our daughter and once our son has a tooth he will be going there also.


My kids always hated going to the dentist until they came to Dr. Kucera! She takes her time with each patient and explains everything she is doing to make the kids feel at ease. I really appreciate everything that she has done to help them overcome their fear of going to the dentist! 

-Susan F.

Dr. Kucera took care of my nephew when he broke his tooth. My sister said they had a great experience. I Highly recommend the Dr's at Giggles and Grins!

-Leah S.

Dr Kucera is the best ever! My kids love going to the dentist ! Who can say that ? Schedule your appointment soon!

-Amber V.

Thank you Dr. Becky for making my kids LOVE going to the dentist. All Hannah could talk about was how great of a time she had! She said she can't wait till her next cleaning.

-Rebecca H.

Our son was in heaven from our entry into the waiting room (books, games, tv, & Ipads for the kiddos - comfy seating & magazines for Mama), on through the cleaning & xrays (pick your own video to watch on the ceiling!). The Dentist & staff were friendly, knowledgeable, & welcoming.


Thx Dr. Becky, Tyler is very proud of making the "No Cavity Club"! You make a dental visit so much fun!


I took my 4 year old almost 5 that had never been to dentist before because she was scared to death and I was dreading it to see dr Becky! What an awesome experience that was she asks to go back on a weekly basis:) The staff makes you feel so a home and not just another patient!! I would totally recommend Dr Becky to anyone search for a pediatric dentist, she is great!


"hen I told my 5 year old we were going to see Dr. Becky her reaction was "YES!!!!" Dr. Becky is so great with my kids, she talks to them and explains everything she is going to do so they won't be surprised or scared. The office is so cute and kid friendly and the staff is always so pleasant :)

-Heather T.

My son Tyler Loves coming to Dr Becky's office, she always makes it a fun experience and works fast! Excellent pediatric dentist, very contentious! 

- Stephanie M.

I have been taking my kids to see Dr. Becky Kucera for 2 1/2 years. It all started when my 18 month old fell on the pavement and broke her front tooth. Dr. Becky made my daughter feel at ease, so much so that she still loves going to the dentist. She's the BEST!!!!

-Heather R.

After we left today, Liam said he wants to be a tooth doctor and he wants to work with Dr. Becky. The kids are still carrying their bags of goodies around! Thank you for making it an easy visit for two little kids-they'll be happy- to come back.

-Ayse D.

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