If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“Our kids enjoy going to the dentist! This is the best DDS practice! Thank you Dr Becky and awesome Giggles and Grins staff! We appreciate all you do! ❤️”

— Mama Bird


“Fantastic staff and great atmosphere! They really go out of their way to make the dentist a great experience for the kids. After my daughter’s appointment was finished, she was able to go play while we discussed the visit with Dr. Becky. To me that was amazing, because I know all too well how difficult it can be to have a discussion with a doctor while trying to wrangle little ones. My daughter even received a handwritten note from Dr. Becky in the mail a few days after her visit! I’m just so impressed with everything about Giggles and Grins! Definitely recommend!”

— Kelly

“My daughters love coming to the dentist! Dr. Becky and her staff are so kind and gentle! From the front desk to the chair, we have never had a bad experience here. The office is clean, and welcoming for patients and parents. I would recommend Giggles and Grins over and over!”

— Kristy


“Thank you, Dr. Becky and staff! My son is just two, but he broke his tooth and Dr. Becky quickly fit us in for a consultation. I’m just so happy with how warm and friendly this office is and my son was well cared for. Everyone was patient and caring.”

— Sharlene

“Thank you, Dr. Kucera and Staff! This was my twop-year-old daughter’s first visit. She was not so cooperative, but they were great at helping to calm her down and clean her teeth anyway. I recommend Giggles and Grins for all children!”

— Angie


“Big thank you to Dr. Kucera for providing my son with the most gentle care during his dental surgery of crowns, fillings, and extractions. I’m being grateful for making this procedure go smoothly, even though I was quite emotional about it all. He truly was a brave soldier! Just hours after, he was grinning with minimal pain. Thank you!”

— Diana


“We love Dr. Becky and her support staff! Very professional and thorough service!”

— Carrie M.