First Aid for Teeth

First-aid For Your Teeth

The tooth fairy can't replace lost teeth, but quick action can help save a permanent tooth

Knocked Out Permanent Tooth

  • Find tooth, but do Not handle it by the roots
  • If tooth is dirty, rinse gently-don't scrub or use antiseptic
  • Gently place tooth back in the socket; have the child hold with finger or tissue
  • If you can't easily replace tooth, place tooth in a glass of milk.
  • If possible, place tooth in saliva
  • Place tooth in water as a last result; Do Not let tooth dry out
  • Contact your dentist immediately

Loosened/Chipped Tooth

  • Clean the area with warm water
  • Avoid moving the tooth
  • Apply cold compress to face to minimize swelling
  • Contact your dentist

Tooth Pushed into Gums

  • Wash area with warm water
  • Do Not attempt to move tooth into correct position
  • Contact your dentist immediately


  • Do Not put aspirin on gum tissue of aching tooth; this will burn the tissue
  • Contact your dentist

Injury to Lips, Cheek, Tongue

  • Rinse affected area with warm water
  • Place cold compress over area to minimize swelling
  • Seek medical/dental attention as needed

Broken or Dislocated Jaw

  • Immobilize jaw by placing a scarf, necktie, or towel under the chin and tying the ends on top of the head.
  • Seek emergency medical care immediately

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