Infant Exams/First Visit

Infant Exams/First Visit


Our goal is to have your baby grow up cavity-free. If you start good dental care early your child can have a healthy "grin" for a lifetime. Even before your baby is born most of the permanent teeth begin forming. Between 6 months and 1 year most babies will get their first tooth.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry along with the American Dental Association recommends that the child's first visit coincide with his or her first birthday. Dental visits can be fun. Dr. Kucera is highly trained in methods to make babies and children comfortable.

Your child's first visit involves a simple oral examination, "counting teeth". Dr. Kucera will work with you, the parents, to establish a routine schedule that best fits your baby's needs. It is a good time to discuss oral hygiene techniques, teething, oral habits, such as pacifier use and thumb sucking and preventing dental decay. By age 2 to 3 we encourage your child to take "a ride in the dental chair". We can now do a thorough cleaning and exam and address any of the questions or concerns of the parents.



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