Primary teeth (baby teeth) are in your child's mouth for eating, speech development, beauty, and they are necessary to allow proper spacing for the permanent teeth.

There are a variety of restorative materials available to restore cavities in primary teeth.

Amalgam: "silver" alloy fillings have historically proven as successful restorations. However, there are many disadvantages to amalgam use. Amalgam is not adhesive and therefore the tooth preparation may have to be larger to provide mechanical retention. There are concerns with the toxicity of the mercury used in amalgam restorations. Mercury is the most poisonous naturally occurring, non-radioactive substance on earth. In many countries the use of amalgam has been banned. At Giggles and Grins we recommend the use of composite (white) restorations in all teeth.

Composite: "white" fillings are composed of a resin/quartz base. They have revolutionized clinical dentistry. They actually adhere to the tooth structure making them a far superior restoration to amalgam fillings. Composites are far superior in strength, durability, aesthetics and safety to amalgam restorations.

Stainless Steel Crown: When the caries "cavity" is too large to properly restore with amalgam or composite, a stainless steel crown is the restoration of choice. Stainless crowns are very durable and are the technique most used for children that have a high caries(cavity) mouth. They can have esthetic white coating to look great on anterior teeth

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